Biden Can’t Stop Lying About Cutting the National Debt

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  • Source: Bongino
  • 03/27/2024
On numerous occasions Joe  Biden has falsely claimed to have reduced the national debt or budget deficit (terms he incorrectly uses synonymously), and as a new video from the RNC shows, he can’t even make up his mind as to what the fake number is.

Watch below:

While they’re all bogus numbers, the claimed “$1.7 trillion” reduction in the national debt seems to be his talking point of choice, with the timeframe of this mythical debt reduction being in his first two years in office.  

As I wrote in May 2023; When Biden took office the national debt was $27.75 trillion, and as of writing [in May 2023] it stands at $31.7 trillion [it now stands at $34.6 trillion as of March 2024]. While only Biden needs this clarified; 31.7 trillion actually a bigger number than 27.75 trillion, not 1.7 trillion smaller. 

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Joe Biden by Staff Sgt. Jack Sanders is licensed under Staff Sgt. Jack Sanders

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