BREAKING: Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin drops on TCN

Tucker Carlson's anticipated interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin dropped on TCN, to be followed shortly after by a post on X. Carlson was in Russia to interview Putin and faced criticism for holding the interview at all.

Americans Paul Nicholas Whelan and Wall Street Journal journalist Evan ‎Gershkovich are both being imprisoned in Russia currently. Biden has tried to secure the release of Whelan, and Gershkovich's detention continues to be extended.

Carlson allowed Putin to make the case for his invasion of Ukraine, for which Putin gave his historical justification. Carlson said he was "losing track of where in history," and Putin elaborated. Putin went back to the 13th century. Carlson pointed out that Putin was making the case that Ukraine was historically part of Russia, and asked why he didn't just take it when he "became president 24 years ago?" 

Putin stuck to his historical diatribe. 

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Tucker Carlson by Gage Skidmore is licensed under Gage Skidmore

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