FBI Conducting ‘Knock and Talk’ Home Visits Over Social Media Posts, Say Users

Posting on social media could garner a knock on the door from an FBI agent, according to two users who said agents went to their homes seeking “conversations” over statements they made online.

The FBI agents in both instances said the users had not said or done anything “illegal” in their posts on social media platform X, but still wanted to talk further about the content of their social media feeds, the two users told The Epoch Times.

Kam Martin, a wife and mother from Texas, said an FBI agent knocked on her door on Feb. 22 while her husband was home with their children.

The agent told her husband that the FBI wanted to talk with his wife about an X post she made on Feb. 20.

The post criticized the recent probation sentencing of a man whom investigators had charged with unlawful disposal of remains and obstruction of justice in the death of Ms. Martin’s cousin, Macy Peebles, after the pair left a casino together in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in February 2023.

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