How Biden’s 2024 Campaign Differs From 2020

In 2020, then-candidate Joe Biden’s presidential campaign kept him mostly under the radar with virtual speeches as the coronavirus pandemic peaked. But now, in what is promising to be a bruising reelection campaign in 2024, President Biden has been forced to come out of the basement.

Impact of COVID-19

“Joe Biden was frankly a COVID winner in 2020. He was able to hide, he did not have to campaign, he did not have to speak to voters. He did not have to run on his record,” Republican strategist Brian Seitchik told The Epoch Times. “That is not the case now. Biden is clearly an old frail man and that is evident. It is also evident he is not in charge.”

Seitchik believes that voters are going to be turned off when they see Biden doing more public events, where he has been known to make many gaffes.

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Joe Biden by Staff Sgt. Jack Sanders is licensed under Staff Sgt. Jack Sanders

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